If You Don’t Show Up In Google, You Don’t Exist.

In my previous post I talked about KLOUT score and how to use it to manage your content on social media

If you are a job seeker or think about changing career or starting your own business, you must define your Unique Selling Point (USP) or value proposition and then define how you communicate clearly your vision and value to attract the right people (your target audience).

Everybody use Google everyday and the very first thing people will do when they want to know about you, is to Google your name.

Do you control the perception you give about yourself on Google searches?  If you answer NO,  start with this first step about creating a personal brand online:

Step #1 : Assessment : Have you Googled “Your Name” Recently ? If not, your boss, colleagues, recruiters, potential employers, customers and competitors did.

What Is Your Online Identity ?

Click on the button bellow to find out.

I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.com

Did You Like the Result ? If NOT, then Maybe it is time To Talk About Your Professional Unique Selling Point or your Target Audience .



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