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  • “I met Anne in a private context and soon realized that she is a knowledgeable, focused and energized individual. I just completed a cycle of career coaching with Anne which confirmed my impressions; Anne is committed to her clients, very professional, pragmatic and effective in her approach. She is also a great social media/ network expert who never stops learning and experimenting.”
  • “I hired Anne as a career coach to help take a fresh look at myself and define a new direction for me to take. From the beginning Anne surprised me with an approach that really does turn the tables on everything I had learned in corporate training / management courses regarding personal development. Whereas I thought it might be too much to expect a major career change at my age, Anne showed me that I was limiting myself and I could actually do a lot more than that.  I will say is that whatever you are trying to achieve or sort out you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by talking to Anne. This is probably the best value for money I have had from anything for a long time.”
  • J’ai fortement apprécié ma collaboration récente avec Anne. En quelques séances elle m’a bien aidé à clarifier, organiser mes idées et prendre la décision que j’avais du mal à prendre et bien plus encore.J’ai apprécié son professionnalisme, sa souplesse dans l’organisation, son contact facile. C’était ma première expérience avec un coach et ce fut pour moi une expérience très positive”
  • “Anne has great insights into combining the east and west ways to do international business. She truly understands international people and offers good analytical skills in the cross-cultural business arena. She is a good listener and offers good suggestions to multi-national issues.”
  • “Ms. Egros has the unique ability to listen, identify and offer suggestions as needed. Her professionalism, attention to detail and relaxed demeanor helped to make this a positive and challenging experience
  • ”Your frank, objective and non-judgmental look into a situation makes a huge difference and helps me to recalibrate my attitude and get a long-term perspective… Thank you very much for your wisdom, guidance and direction”
  • “You helped me focus on one thing at a time as I was going to several directions and nowhere.”
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