There are various recipies to live the life you love. One of them is visualizing your dreams. On January 1st, 2006, I started writing my dreams on a notebook, one dream on one page without thinking if they were possible or not and no time frame. That year I wrote about 25 dreams, and then I moved with my family from Tokyo to Atlanta and forgot that notebook for 2 years, the time it took me to settle in Atlanta. I found that book recently and realized that I actually achieved to live 10 dreams out of the 25 without reading them again. One explanation is that once I wrote those dreams and forgot about them, they were still alive somewhere in my mind and my heart and therefore I attracted opportunities to make them realities. I will start again writing my dreams on this notebook, maybe up to 120, so I can have enough dreams for the rest of my life.

Getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t is a question of where you focus your attention, what your beliefs are and about keeping, your integrity by living a life centered around your values and dreams.

There are more than 9,000 books on about “Law of attraction” which became a very popular topic with the release of the movie, the secret. This is however a very simple concept that whatever you give your energy and focus to will come back to you. Therefore, if you stay focused on the positive aspects of your life, you will attract more positive things in your life. Like attracts like.

During economic recessions there are two types of people: Those who are watching anxiously the news every day to see companies bankrupting, people loosing their jobs, their houses all around the world… even in China! Those people are more likely to become anxious, fearful, paralyzed and desperate even if their own situation has not changed. Then you have the second category of people who don’t pay that much attention to bad news, stay enthusiast and full of positive energy and who see opportunities to create new things even if they have been laid off.

The Power of Positive Thinking is the result of the Uplifting Power of our thoughts, Optimism and Enthusiasm, combined with the Driving Power of what we do with Determination, Confidence and Courage.


About Anne Egros, Executive, Career and Expat Life Coach

Zest and Zen is a blog about Expat Life Challenges, Global Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Change Psychology, Life Transitions
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