Barack Obama said in July 2008, that he was embarrassed he was not speaking another language. His concern was that in order for America to be more competitive globally he wanted every child to learn a second language, Spanish preferably.

So which language our children should learn? You can test your global awareness by getting a quick test on: YouTube-Pop Quiz from the author of the 2 Million Minutes, http://www.2mminutes.com/, Robert A. Compton, comparing China and India with US education system. I extracted few facts: In years 2020, the world largest English speaking country will be China. The CIA thinks Farsi, Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin will be the most important languages to learn. So one can ask, why today Spanish and French are the most common languages taught in America ? What does it take and how long Amrican parents will see French replaced by Mandarin starting from preschoolers and up to Grade 12 ?

There is no quick fix but I think education is like the global warming issues, America needs to take action quickly in order to develop more cultural awareness in the education system. Knowing other languages and understanding other cultures is one skill that prepares American students and future leaders to live and work in a global society.

In addition, experts say that children, who are learning a second language from preschool, no matter which language, develop more their cognitive function.


About Anne Egros, Executive, Career and Expat Life Coach

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