Promoting Women’s Leadership Globally

For leaders that attended the World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos, some of the messages they took home were clearly about developing talents, diversity and getting more women into senior leadership positions.

Lynda Gratton in her article in Harvard Management Update, “How to Foster a Collaborative Culture”, is suggesting that “working with others–closely, creatively, globally, and productively–drives organizational and personal effectiveness.” I cannot agree more! Leading multicultural teams effectively requires to be innovative, flexible and patient. I think these types of nurturing attitudes are generally more frequent in female leaders than in male leaders.

The World Economic Forum is supporting the idea that gender parity leads to better economical, political, social and health care outcomes. The World Economic Forum uses the Global Gender Index to quantify the magnitude of gender-based disparities. The top 10 best countries for 2008 were 1-Norway, 2-Finland, 3-Sweden, 4- Iceland, 5- New Zealand, 6-Philippines, 7-Denmark, 8-Ireland; 9-Netherlands, 10-Latvia. It is interesting to note that USA ranked 27.

Do you think that part of our current financial crisis has something to do with too much testosterone at the executive levels? “Wall Street is one of the most male-dominated bastions in the business world” Says Nicholas D. Kristof In the New York Time ; Of course, it is hard to have objective studies. Kristof mentioned one study measuring the testosterone level in saliva in traders and its relationship with profit they were making. The findings of this were that higher testosterone meant more risk-taking and, usually, more money. Maybe too simplistic and a bit sexist!

The International Women Day is March 8, 2009 and the official web site, shows more than 300 events organized worldwide to celebrate women’s past, present and future achievements. Do you think it is important to celebrate International Women Day ?


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