Meaningful Coincidences

Three weeks ago, I cancelled our vacation to Cancun planned for our 20 year wedding anniversary the first week of May, because I thought I had too many projects to complete. It happened that the Porcine flu from Mexico started the exact same week I cancelled. I also got an unexpected event that forced me to stay in Europe the same week. So, did those events happened by pure chance ? Is there a link between all of them that contributed to the very positive outcome ?

There is a theory made by Carl Jung, called “synchronicity”, explaining that the coincidences that happen to us are often meaningful and connected. Various books have been published on that topic and fascinating stories are supporting this theory. As a scientist, it is hard for me to believe that synchronicity has a power in my life. Yet I did experienced those meaningful coincidences too many times to believe they are just accidents. However I do think that most of those coincidences are the results of our brain and body picking up pieces of information and processing them so they become meaningful.

When you live abroad and do not understand the nuances of a different culture, listening to your intuition and paying attention to those events that seems to be connected by chance is sometimes the only way you have to make the right choices.

I think that we can learn to open our mind and listen to our body to experiment synchronicity to live more meaningful lives.

Reference: There are no accidents by Robert H. Hopcke


About Anne Egros, Executive, Career and Expat Life Coach

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