Stop Selling Start Living

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When you go to a networking event face to face, have a conversation on the phone or use social media, you don’t have to tell all about the services and products your company is offering. Potential clients won’t listen to you, they want to be heard not told !

Most people I know don’t buy after receiving a cold call or a pitch from a stranger. What works, is building relationships and the very first step is to discover what you have in common with the person you are having a conversation with.

Forget about the 30 sec elevator pitch or the self-promoting tweets !

Learn how to make connections… I mean genuine ones.

Ask powerful questions, share free information and tips. If trust is everything, then you need to demonstrate you walk your talk. Don’t spam for example. You can use a “pull” technique that allow your potential friends or customers to read an article or a discussion if they choose to. For professional communication I suggest to start on LinkedIn groups , they are usually   very well focused and you can learn and answer questions to establish a real conversation with like-minded people. I find very irritating to receive a “free” newsletter and then get spammed without the possibility to unsubscribe.

Building a rapport with a person can take as short as a blink of an eye and sometimes years. If you care about your connections, keep nurturing them. Think win-win on a long-term. Be authentic, don’t try to sell, just be yourself and live a life with a purpose centered around the values you share with your connections. Don’t forget to have fun and  if you are passionate by what you do it is not a job it is a purpose.

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One Response to Stop Selling Start Living

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it, this is what I truly believe selling should be about.

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