Motivating Employees To Think and Act Like Entrepreneurs

I came across an interesting article about the raising entrepreneurship spirit not only among the baby boomers seeking a second career but also young generation aged 14-19 year old showing interest in becoming entrepreneurs. This is a true paradigm shift on how to motivate employees.

During the recession, more and more people are looking to start their own business because they are loosing control over their career and are threaten to loose their job even if they are high achievers. People are under a lot of stress in corporate world during economic turmoil, making easier the choice to become an entrepreneur. Literally your skin and sanity are at stake.

The Internet and the E-mobile technologies are getting more and more affordable and the number of Internet users is growing exponentially. Not only it is cheaper to start a business but it is also easier do get free information, find partnership and reach your target customers on a global scale via social networking and other E-Marketing tools.

Are you an employee motivated by entrepreneurship ?

Read more in this article Motivating Employees to Think and Act like Entrepreneurs from


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