The Expat President, Obama a"Third Culture Kid"

President Obama is not only multiracial, he was raised outside America; he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up in Indonesia and Chicago and as such might share some common psychological traits with other “Third Culture Kids “ (TCK) who was raised in more than one culture or one country. Ruth E. Van Reken, an expert on global family living and co-author of “Third Culture Kids” has written an interesting article about Obama’s third culture team.

I think expat adults and TCK tend to be open to new ideas, creative when looking at problem solving and with a global view. Often tolerant to diversity and socially flexible, The TCK who became adults are usually good mediators and able to se the “big picture” and the win-win outcome of a negotiation.

Do you think TCK make good leaders or presidents?

For additional information on TCK go to this web site:


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