Me Inc, Brand Yourself and Find your Ideal Job

Me Inc, Brand Yourself and Find your Ideal Job: “

How do you brand yourself for success?

# 1: you must understand your target audience
#2: you must create value for your prospects

There are 5 steps to build your brand:

1. Make a personal vision: Writing a personal vision helps you identify your ideal job that reflects WHO you really are and who you want to be in the future. The vision must inspires you and also your prospects. People need to see their personal benefits from your vision.

2. Define a personal mission statement: a mission helps you define your life purpose: what do you really want to do, with whom would you like to work ? what type of working environment do you like ?

3.Identify your values, strengths and weaknesses: build self-awareness, identify your motivation and learning styles, your typical reactions to stress, what are you good at? What makes you in the ‘flow’

4.Know your prospects and define your target audience: identify industries, company profiles, job titles, your ideal boss and how to reach and communicate with your prospects.

5. Set Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Action Plans

How to Craft your Brand Proposition:

1. Values shape actions: Your brand should communicate your deeply rooted values. Your image should be consistent with your values: check the way you dress, be aware of the energy you project and your body language.

2. Change bad habits and negative self-talk for winning attitudes

3. Imagine your ideal work day and your worst working day, craft your ideal job description, define what can you offer

4. Focus on what you LOVE to do

5. Revisit your networking skills: Are you consistent with your brand values and target audience? Cold calling is not fun… people love to help but don’t like to be asked for a job by a stranger. Networking is about building relationships. Ask for information instead and for people who know your target fields.

6. For each potential job define what is your Unique Selling Point (USP): what you can do for this prospect that is unique and better than your competition ? focus on creative solutions you can bring to solve their problems, increase their revenues, etc…

7-Don’t post your resume on career websites does not work! but you can use online social network groups, make an informative blog or website that communicate the value of your brand

The difference between where you are (current status) and where you want to be (Vision and Goals) is what you do (objectives and actions)

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  1. Anne Egros says:

    Here some more stuff about personal branding: 10 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand from author Gary Vaynerchuk

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