5 Tips on How to Connect With People You Don’t Know

Building a strong network of friends, relatives or colleagues is one of the most powerful tools that you can develop for being resilient, especially for the expat ‘s “following spouse”. Expatriation is a great experience for most people but usually it is not so easy for the “trailling spouse”, a majority of them being women.

Here some tips about effective networking for developing professional connections and making new friends

Tip #1: Attract People
You cannot control what people think, but you can create energy that draw people to you by being authentic, establish credibility, convey self-confidence, tell personal stories, anecdotes and your passions in life.

Tip #2 Ask for Help
Usually people are very happy to share what they know especially with new commers, but do not abuse, for example do not ask for a job directly to someone you don’t know.

Tip # 3 Do Not Sell: One of the worst behavior repulsing people rather than attracting them is trying to excessively sell your services or products and over-promote yourself. You can share resources you created and when appropriate tell about your company and your services, but be subtle.

Tip# 4: Focus on the Other Person’s Interests
The best way to build a strong relationship is to be genuine and try to understand the other person’s perspective. Listen actively with all your senses by concentrating totally on what it is said, the body language and by asking powerful questions. I hate the “elevator speech” technique to tell all about yourself in 60 sec, I think it is better to try to understand the person first before being understood .

Tip #5: Learn How to Make the Most of Linkedin and Other Social Media
For people who had to quit their jobs or want to take the opportunity of an expatriation to start a new carreer or learn new skills such as learning a new language, I recommend to start by linkedin.
Participate in groups, Q&A, create you own linkedin groups, make a blog or a newsletter with content focused on your passions and interests. Use slideshare for importing Powerpoint presentations, see events your connections are going, read recommendations etc. Look for advices and webinars about using Linkedin, there are tons of them available for free. Attending multiple networking events and using social networks is hard work, but it will pay off.

It is important to meet people in person when ever it is possible. Use online tools carefully as you cannot see reactions, emotions and feelings of people.

Most of all enjoy doing it.

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