TOP 10 Seth Godin’s Quotes Made in Antwerp, Belgium. April 1, 2010

Yesterday, when I entered the Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp to see a presentation by Seth Godin, I was shocked by the number of people there, maybe 600? more? I am not good at numbers so if you know please tell.. 

What struck me first is that he is so professional that he was able to make people laugh by using local icons or local brands. So with Seth you can say great professional speaker can make jokes for a very diverse crowd. Mocking a lot himself and Americans in general was a sure way to get his European audience on his side. OK,  that paragraph above is to continue some conversations we had on Linkedin  about International humor.

So did I learn something from this event ? not really as I ams already doing what he was saying, but he has such a great energy that I was really inspired and made me write this post today.

TOP 10 QUOTES that I found worth mentioning:

1-We are in a new industrial revolution: nobody will ever be the only one on the market AND people have an infinite ways to access information. Humans evolved from Hunters, Farmers, Workers and now they have to be Artists

2-You have to lead people where they want to go

3-People don’t talk to boring people, make a difference by choosing to be different

4-Kids and Genius are people who solve problems in a way other people never did

5-Art has nothing to do with being good at drawing

6-Artists are people making connections, interacting with other human beings and creating something new

7-Compliance is no longer a scarce commodity, there is an infinite number of people who can do a job and do it cheaper: easy job to get = easy job to loose

8-Linchpin:  people who invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos.

9-The people who will be the most afraid will be the first to lose, be curious, conquer your fears and if you fail ask what would be the worst thing that will happen to you then ?

10-On  social media : The ocean is made with drops

Please start being an artist and share your ideas and comments on Twitter @AnneEgros 

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5 Responses to TOP 10 Seth Godin’s Quotes Made in Antwerp, Belgium. April 1, 2010

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  3. Arun says:

    Thank you for putting it together, Anne

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anne,Thanks for the post, I was in Mumbai thinking about the evening…Reading your post it sounds very similar to Daniel H Pink's book; a whole new mind, why right brainers will rule the world. I agree an artist is the one who knows how to connect, how to differentiate.I work with Business Development people, consultants and coach them in how to recognize different styles, temperament.Emotional Intelligence is about your self-awareness, Social intelligence is about being aware of the people around you…Glad you enjoyed it.Pascale

  5. Pascal says:

    1264 people to be exact!Coming from the official organiser.

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