Career tip: If you are not on Linkedin you are nowhere

If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, you’re nowhere says a recent article from Fortune magazine: “How LinkedIn will fire up your career”: . The article mentions that more than 60 million members have logged on to create profiles, uploaded their employment histories, and build connections with people they know. For the companies hiring, Linkedin is also a must cheaper way to find good candidates than hiring an executive search company.  Your contacts in your network, your Q&As, discussions in groups or events you attend is a way for many potential candidates to be found without actively searching. This is also true for small business owners, clients will find you If you are proactive, energetic, an expert in your field who brings creative ideas and shares knowledge. 

Many people say that Twitter is not a good tool for professionals to find a job, I tend to disagree now that I have used it for long enough to see who are the people active in my topics of interest, I get really good new ideas and I am starting to have a presence as an expert too.  

To build a professional image or personal brand, the very first step is to define the story that you want to communicate about you that will attract recruiters or potential hiring companies.   

 Being able to summarize a 25 year career on a Linkedin profile in half a page is much more powerful than making a 2 page resume listing everything about your professional career. You must be concise, attractive, creative and “sexy” enough to encourage people to read more about you in your profile.  If you don’t catch your audience’ s attention in less than 5 sec, then people zap you.


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