‘Do You Self Promote on the Social Media?’

In a very direct and clear way, Joan Curtis , communication coach, said it just right: Don’t spam on social media!

On Linkedin for example people who promote themselves or their services in discussions are not only ignored but they annoy other members looking for genuine,  thought-provoking questions or tips on how to do something.

With social media, you must be very patient, learn and give first without t expecting anything in return. My first attempt on Twitter was a really frustrating experience and after couple of days I just gave up.  Then I received a great advice from another small business owner who recommended to stay a minimum of 10 weeks to really see the benefits. For me it took 25 days searching people by topics, key words then following  experts or simply looking for new ideas by serendipity. That is the secret of Twitter for me: getting tons of great ideas!

Once you understand the basics on how to use the tools then you can start “strategizing” your approach, selecting topics and media based on who you want to speak to and what are their interests .  Then you give back to your network by recommending a blog, an article, a discussion or  retweet( RT).

Social media have not changed the rules of good networking practices, simply nowadays information is accessible potentially from everybody on the planet and travel as fast as the speed of light!

I got my education on twitter from experts in the  Linkedin group “Success Through Networking”, see the all posts:  http://bit.ly/cS44Mc

I highly recommend to search groups by topic of interest and ask your specific questions. Then  just do the  old “trial and errors” learning method.

So you have no excuse to post boring self-promotion posts on social media, do your homework, search hot topics and start asking powerful questions or post tips.

Red more from Joan Curtis  here: ‘Do You Self Promote on the Social Media?’.


About Anne Egros, Executive, Career and Expat Life Coach

Zest and Zen is a blog about Expat Life Challenges, Global Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Change Psychology, Life Transitions
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2 Responses to ‘Do You Self Promote on the Social Media?’

  1. trishabruynell says:

    Great post! I see so many people, and businesses, use Twitter incorrectly. It’s not a platform, it’s a discussion. I’ll definitely check out your link to “Success Through Networking.” Thanks!

    • Anne Egros says:

      Thanks for your comment,
      I just switched from Blogger to WordPress,
      it seems more interactive and connect more easily to other media.
      What do you think of WordPress? What are the great things and features to avoid?
      Thank you

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