Get Your Resume Noticed: “The Power of Less”

Most people today feel overwhelmed and stressed by the constant stream of information and high demands in business or in life, 24/7. Being able to KISS (Kip It Short and Simple)  and limiting yourself to the essential helps you achieve more because by identifying the essential you eliminate the rest as Leo Babauta said in his book “The Power of Lesss”.

I am not going to describe how to make the best resume in the world, there are billions of free information on the web about this topic. I just want to give some tips to help you find the essential items to sell in your resume to get noticed by busy hiring managers.

1-Keep it brief, make it relevant: A recent survey of 2,500 leading companies shows that managers won’t look at resume longer than 2 pages. You don’t have to say it all, a resume is your marketing tool to get an interview.

 2-Make a summary of  recent skills and abilities at the top of the resume to show what you can do for potential employers. Make it in 5-6 sentences or bullet points. Technology and the economic environment change so fast nowadays that you better focus on the last three years of your career. Use key words and powerful action verbs that match the job description you apply for. Save readers’ time by demonstrating you understand the job or the company’s needs

Example: Senior Marketing Executive : Develop and implement creative marketing strategies for supporting  consumer brands and driving sales growth. Online marketing expert, created a strong digital presence on social media through Facebook and Twitter increasing brand ‘s equity

3-Job experience section: track and “sell” your accomplishments. Your future employer wants to know from your experience what you have accomplished that can be used in the new job. Make sure you have references that can be checked to support what you are saying.

For example: Regional Sales Director for Company X: Built  an effective regional sales force by implementing a regional sales training program in 10 countries. Sales increased by +25% and  employees’ turnover decreased by 30% over the last  five years

4-Decide if you make a chronological resume or a functional one: If it is a natural progression in your career then a chronological resume showing significant achievements in your filed of expertise is best. If you apply for a new position or if you have some gaps between jobs, then a functional resume may be better.

5-Education: in general educational information follows the job experience section  If you graduated from a well-known school, place that first, followed by the degree that you attained.

For more about the survey results look at : How to Get Your Resume Read”

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