How To Get Noticed On Linkedin As A Valuable Passive Candidate ?

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More and more recruiters and hiring companies use social media to recruit. In a Linkedin 2010 survey, “Half of recruiters surveyed in the US are worried competitors will improve social media use”: .

However most passive candidates usually don’t know how to benefit from Linkedin’s features until they need to find a job!

So start to get noticed now by building your network and reputation on Linkedin

1-Start building an attractive profile : use your resume as a base but make it skinny: Less is More : see here some tips on how to get your resume noticed

2-Invite people you know or you have met virtually based on their backgrounds, expertise and their networking potential

3-Select groups by keywords and subscribe as much as 50 groups but use their settings to avoid getting too many emails

4-Participate actively in discussions, initiate conversations that establish your expertise by either asking genuine questions or give away your knowledge with the “how to” type of discussions,

5-Use applications in “More” menu: post your blog, your files, your events, your PowerPoint presentations, some people make a kind of resume on PPT and post it on their profile.

6-Use Linkedin Q&A

7-Answer or initiate polls

Conclusion: It takes time to establish both a rich network and a good reputation but Linkedin has a very good ROI if you are consistent and persistent.

See Guy Kawasaki blog for more tips on Linkedin :


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