How To Become A Successful Innovator. Part I: Break The Rules!

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.-Albert Einstein

By reaction to this quote,  my definition of creativity is “doing things that you usually do in a different way to get different results”. Creativity is also something you do that other people say it is impossible. To be a creative person means you not only enjoy what you do, but you get immersed in a state of mind called “flow”

Creativity begins with perception. Neuroscientists have shown that the brain interprets signals from your eyes, ears or other senses by stimulating different areas of your brain. How you process those information depends on what you have learned and experienced. Your experience shapes how your neurones are connected that is why, the more you repeat an activity the better you become at doing this activity… and the more resistant to change.

In order to think creatively, START BREAKING THE RULES. You must develop new neural pathways. But the brain is a “lazy muscle”,  naturally phobic to change and the unknown! The more you do creativity-boosting activities, move out of your comfort zone and experience new things, the more creative you will be. Being an iconoclast is basically what Seth Godin is preaching in his book “Linchpin”.

If you love what you do and become passionate at  breaking the rules, then you get intrinsic motivation to try the impossible and get the courage to be confronted by the experts.

In the following  presentation you will see how our brain perceives and interprets stimulus, individual behaviors, impact on communication and creativity. In the next post : Part II: Create The State Of  Flow, I will provide some additional researches about how the brain  works when it is at is peak of creativity and how to set the stage for creative thinking.


  • More details in this article from Fast Company: What neuroscience reveals about how to come up with new ideas

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