Driving Miss Shari, A Story About Kindness

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This is the true story of my friend  Shari Sax: http://sharisax.com/DrivingMissShari/

I like very much how Shari played with the original title of the movie ” Driving Miss Daisy” starring Jessica Tandy as Miss Daisy and Morgan Freeman as her driver Hoke Colburn.

The story takes place in Atlanta where I lived for three years from 2006 until 2009, so it is  a funny coincidence that Shari used that movie as an inspiration. Driving Miss Daisy won  the Academy Award for Best Picture  in 1989 and is one of my favorite movies. The points of the story are about mutual respect and kindness. Daisy comes to accept Hoke and the fact that she needs him to drive her around. Miss Daisy finds out that Hoke cannot read, so she teaches him how to read.

Click to see the video clip:

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2 Responses to Driving Miss Shari, A Story About Kindness

  1. sharisax says:

    Mike and Anne, I can’t wait to have both of you in the good ole US of A for the Big Bash. Sooner, rather than later, I hope 🙂

    One thing that amazes me is just how far human kindness & compassion can take an individual, a family, a community, a county, and the world . . . the one acts of kindness certainly do add up.

  2. It reminded me of driving Miss Daisy too, it’s a really good idea and the blog has caught people’s imagination. I gave it a link on my website because it will inspire people to just try and try their best to aspire to whatever they want in life. I’m in England but I think people here will like the idea and follow Shari’s blog. I’ll ask other people to link it to their websites too.

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