5 Sure Ways To Make People Upset On Social Media

This list is the most common networking mistakes I think people make on social media that are annoying most of the people I know.

1- Sending a ” caned message”, like the “Join my network on LinkedIn”  without  presenting  yourself and give a reason why people  should connect  with you. To truly connect make it personal !

I came across this article and found it useful to decide  Who to Invite on Linkedin and Processing Invitations

2-Plagiarism: It is good practice to quote part of an article as long as you mention your source. But I think it is very annoying when someone  simply copy your blog article, changing one or two words and present it at their own work. You can check who is copying you by using  plagiarism checkers and duplicate content finders such as plagiarisma.net or  PlagiarismChecker.com

3-Overwhelming people with information: Constantly over-selling your services and products. E-mailing articles, jokes, requests to sign a petition or sharing “inspiring” PowerPoint slide shows to all your friends without  asking permission. This is spamming even if your intentions are good and you do it with friends.

Also having hundreds of email addresses appearing in the To: section of an email is not only annoying but you are violating privacy by giving away email addresses people might not want to share. So use always the Bcc option.

On Linkedin make sure when sending announcements and messages to multiple contacts  that people can’t see who are in the list (look at the bottom of the message, there is a box for that purpose).

4-Asking for  “A”  job without making any research first on what you want to do, the type of company you want to work for and not “Googling” and reading in details the profile of the person you are asking the favor !

Give a compelling reason for the person to help you.  I usually like helping people without expecting anything more than a “thank you” , but in the long run it should become “an equitable process of give and take”Quote from HBR article:  Give and You Shall Receive ) .

Some people are really good at stealing  your ideas and wasting your time by promising you something in return to your favors they will never give. So it is very important to spot those “illusion” people in your networks and stop this kind of  one-way relationships as soon as possible

5-Excessively flattering to get a favor or get a connection. This is so childish especially in a business context. So be professional,  if you want to make a compliment make an authentic one.


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4 Responses to 5 Sure Ways To Make People Upset On Social Media

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  2. Colin Wee says:

    Sometimes it’s also good to break the inertia and shake up what people expect from you! 🙂

  3. I am a spammer by accident: While I was writing those tips in this post, I made a big mistake; I just sent a “join me on Facebook” to all my Yahoo contacts by pressing the wrong button. Hopefully It is not a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and as casualties I may have annoyed couple of friends who I know will never be on Facebook…and will not read my blog neither 🙂 So my sincere apologies!

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