Zest or Zen? How To Get A Balanced Expat Life ?

Do international workers really live a more stressful life today compared to the 20th Century ?

I think expat families are under higher pressure to perform than 10 or 20 years ago just because they cost 3 to 4 times more than locals in case of expat executives. In appearance at least, the should enjoy their new job, the following  spouse and kids must be happy because they stay connected with friends and family more easily than before thanks to the new mobile technologies.

However not acknowledging your true emotions and feelings such as fear, loneliness, guilt, sadness, pressure or  stress (positive or negative) can lead to international assignment failures, premature returns and various chronic diseases.

Which personality are you ?

1: Very active, feeling good when you agenda is full  of activities, self-confident, assertive, very proud of your achievements in life. You don’t worry too much about the future, want to show that you are successful  because you can control your life.

2-Anxious by nature, you want to control everything and get easily upset if things are not working the way you planned. You are worrying about the future very often and like to think about all the nice things you will do  next year or in 10 years after you retire, when kids will leave the house, or when you are back from your last international assignment.

3-An adept of the “letting go”, living in the here and now, taking time to discover and enjoy each moment of your life. Sometimes you look back at your past to search inspiration about solving today’s problems. People say about you that you are introvert, shy and getting easily emotional.

These are stereotypes and there are no good or bad personalities but you can identify the type of person you truly are, the one  you want people to see and the one you idealize or would like to change to.

“Letting Go” has become a ‘buzz word” and is synonym of cooling down or being “Zen”

On the contrary, having “Zest” in your life means you enjoy the excitement of discovering new cultures, new career, meeting new people and feeling truly alive when you are re-inventing your life every time you move abroad.

Identifying your true  needs and manage your expectations.

It is easy to stay on automatic pilot and follow the flow without thinking what is really good for you and your family. Perhaps 10 years ago when your children were still at home you wanted to spend more time with them but now that they study in college you may want to do something else, something more meaningful for you.

When a new year starts, many people feel obliged to start new resolutions like quitting smoking or drinking, being more relaxed or losing weight, being less stressed at work etc. A lot of them run to the gym, hire a sport coach or subscribe to a weight-loss  program  or attend a leadership training, but even if you are very motivated if your new resolutions are not the true goals you really want intrinsically, then you have few chances to reach your targets before the next year starts.

If you want to use a coach don’t hurry be ” Zen” . If a coach  pushes you, gives you quick tips to reach your goals  then it is probably not the coach you need for lasting results. Once you have reflected on what you want, you can add the necessary adrenalin or “Zest” you need to perform at the level that is not too challenging for you but not too boring as well.

Then you have found the right balance between Zest and Zen !

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