The Twitter Trap

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The Twitter Trap By  Published: May 18, 2011 : What thinking in 140 characters does to our brains.

This article is providing good perspectives on how Twitter and other social media may have an impact on the way you learn or how you make connections with people.

The predominant criticism for Twitter is making us having shorter and shorter attention span like calculator did with our ability to memorize math facts. However blaming technology won’t help bad parenting or bad teachers not able to captivate the students’ attention and inspire them.

If children are obese because they eat junk food and drink sodas, it is the parents’ responsibility to educate and be a role model, set boundaries and say no. If you eat while watching TV you are basically saying to your kids that it is OK to multi-task and not focus on either the food or the news!

My point is this : technology has evolved since the first Homo sapiens used a stone as a tool to break a coconut. Nowadays you cannot stop the wave of new electronic technologies but you can learn to surf on it. Twitter and Facebook do bring great features helping making real connections and bring people together from all over the world for good causes. For example we saw the great role of social media to support the Japan earthquake victims or allow free speech in non-democratic countries.

Is Twitter addictive ? Absolutely yes, for some of us, like tobacco or alcohol. Drinking good wines does not make you automatically an alcoholic!

Does Twitter make your children stupid? certainly NOT !  Kids learn different things that will help them thrive in their increasingly fast-paced, global world. Generation gap always existed with or without Facebook. By the way the fastest growing segment for Facebook is baby-boomers who are retiring.

So don’t blame Facebook if your kids don’t communicate with you but ask yourself questions: Are you a role model ? Do you set clear rules and consequences ? Do you truly listen and focus on what they say, not checking emails or watching TV at the same time ?

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4 Responses to The Twitter Trap

  1. Anne, aloha. Thx so much for your comments on Bill’s interesting article.

    It doesn’t matter whether things were better “before” because “before” is now and moving into the future.

    Your question “are you a role model?” is excellent.

    One thing that I feel as a result of using twitter is that I have learned how to be more concise in my speech. Since I participate in a few tweetchats, I have learned to get my point across in less than 140 characters. Quite honestly, I find it to be a discipline and brain exercise.

    Look forward to reading another thought provoking post soon, Anne. Until then, aloha. Janet

    • Hi Janet,
      That is a very good point indeed, “before” does not exist but so many people are resistant to change. I think it is human nature isn’t it ? When innovation and a new technology starts to “stick” on the wall and millions of users have adopted it, some people justify their ignorance by focusing on negative aspects. I remember when my parents first heard about a microwave oven, they were very skeptical even afraid the food will give cancer. They had the the same process to switch audio tapes for CDs, get a DVD player, a mobile phone, the internet! They now have everything except a Twitter account :-). They were born during the last century in the early 1930s and are not journalists so they are just typical for their generation.

  2. Outstanding advice, Anne!! One of the first things my children taught me was they paid zero attention to what I said, and emulated everything I did. Afterwards, I gave up trying to tell them anything, and tried to live my life as an example; result? Both entered college immediately upon graduation from high school – my son will have his bachelors before his 21st birthday! Thanks for sharing!

    • Congratulations Greg, it seems your education principles worked on your children. Leading by example applies both at home and at work ! If the CEO of your company trashes Twitter and other social media tools, better think working for another company !

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