How Long Can You Really Stay Offline ?

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Starting last Saturday and finishing Monday May 30 was memorial weekend in the US. Beside parades and various celebrations, for many Americans it is also the first day of “summer”. Community pools open, people start  BBQ parties and de-winterize their sprinkler systems.

Most of my readers are living in the US, yet Monday June 30, my blog had a record in term of number of people who visited and read posts. So people where either connected through their mobile devices while eating some chicken wings grilled on  the barbecue  or just craving to read news, blogs, Tweets on the internet and social media after 3 days offline.

A lot has been said about  “Ttwitterholics”, “Facebook addicts” and compulsive usage of social media in general. I admit I am hooked on social media but I am not really addicted just sometimes I am so in the “flow”, see my previous post: Do you work too hard ?, that I forget the time and may be late to prepare the dinner for example.

So how long can you stay completely offline? I will be very curious to get your answers. I can spend 3 days included in a long weekend totally off , not writing or RT anything and check only emails for less than 30 minutes per day during vacation (one or two weeks in a row).

I don’t have TV, so instead of staying more than 2.5 hours on the couch passively watching news, commercials and celebrity shows, I actively “pull” information from the web, have serendipitous conversations with perfect like-minded strangers or customers and potential partners. Many of my friends and probably people I meet frequently on the internet see me posting  everyday on Linkedin , Twitter or FB, which are the main platforms I used. People might think that I have nothing else to do beside being active on the internet.  I am on social media mainly for work. I am an expat small business owner so using internet is my main marketing strategy to keep it afloat as a portable career when I am transitioning from one country to another.

Here the average time I spend daily on social media activities ( I excluded the time spent checking emails and online business like coaching clients or getting professional trainings)

  1. Learning: (1.5 hours) almost everything and anything and trends on my fields of expertise, mainly through reading blogs and Tweets.
  2. Engaging 😦2.5 hours) with existing or potential customers by writing posts in my blog, interacting on LinkedIn, Skype and Twitter.
  3. Relaxing (less than 1 hour) by sharing funny YouTube videos on Facebook or commenting on  friends’ walls.

A recent Nielsen survey shows that the average American TV consumption is  very high (141 hours per month) : which is more than 4.5 hours/day ! While according to Nielsen internet is used for an average time of 68 hours per month (at home and at  work).

So while I do not hear about TV addiction a lot compared to social media one nowadays, I am not spending more on the internet than the average American on TV ! In addition, I don’t have withdrawal symptoms when I cannot access to the internet  and don’t yet use mobile technologies to connect to social media.

What about you ? How much time do you spend on the Internet ? Can you stay totally offline for one or more days?

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4 Responses to How Long Can You Really Stay Offline ?

  1. You are the first person I’ve read who actually admitted to the time they spend on social media. So, this is interesting. I am an executive (and blogger) and most other execs/managers I know think it is a big waste of time. But you bring up a great point, comparing to tv-watching. I think social media is more compelling and edifying than tv.

    My hours per day notch probably around 2 or so. I do think it is healthy to go offline from time to time, though. I usually tone it down over the weekends.

    Thanks for a thoughtful post!

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. One comment like yours is so rewarding it encourages me to be persistent doing an activity I enjoy. I read your blog post about your statistics: and you are also the first person I have read who admit to have “only” 100 visits per day on your blog. I feel good with an average of 60/ day with total views of roughly 15,000 for 140 posts published in one year (before I switched to WordPress, I had no statistic available). My goal is not to make money with the number of clicks on my blog, I would like to get more interactions with my readers to improve the content and match their needs. Not easy so far. Tips welcome. Thanks again.

  2. I spent the weekend offline, simply because I was in the hills behind Aix en Provence.

    Now on an average day I stay connected, on my Mac or my iPhone. So I’m always on, even when I’m outside the house.
    It’s maybe not a good thing but since most of my clients and readers are in the US I need to keep up with them in the evening in Europe.

    SM breaks are good though and I enjoy them. I get new ideas and see things differently.

    • I took a break this long weekend to visit family in France near Geneva. Being in a remote village in the Alps I had no access to the internet. The impact is immediate, not being active on SM for 4 days I saw a big drop of the number of visitors in my website (half the average day) the “Klout” score drop 1 point and got no FB comments. As an expat entrepreneur I rely heavily on the internet and social media to reach my international target audience especially clients in the US who are usually more advanced in the usage of platforms such as Twitter or reading blogs.

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