Why Do You Need Strategic Planning ?

Corporate and Personal Strategic Planning is a Process for Reaching Professional or Personal Goals.

It can be used in coaching sessions for individuals, small businesses corporate teams or corporate planning to strategize action plans.

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Zest and Zen is a blog about Expat Life Challenges, Global Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Change Psychology, Life Transitions
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4 Responses to Why Do You Need Strategic Planning ?

  1. Hi Anne,

    some of what you have touched on here is what I also use when talking with clients about social media strategic planning. Some of the same issues and information gathering is needed to complete the total picture. It always starts with goal-setting!

    I like the use of your ShareSlide, one of my own favorites. 🙂

    Nice post.

    • Thanks Dorien. In business coaching or consulting you have to use the tools your client understand or show them the benefits they gain when doing the hard work of building a vision, clarify a SMART goal or craft a strategy to reach their objectives. No pain, no gain !

  2. Paul Morin says:

    Hi, Anne. I’ve spent most of my consulting and advisory career doing strategic planning with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500. It is an important activity for any organization! The plan doesn’t always work out as envisioned, but I think it’s better to have a plan that you adjust along the way, than to have no plan at all. If you don’t know where you’re going, then how will you know when you get there, as the saying goes? The ideas and questions you have put forth in this presentation are some of the most important in any strategic planning process. Thanks for an excellent post. Paul

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