Klout Score: Content Is Key !

There are sure ways to lose your audience’s trust and patience on social media: making noise and becoming lazy, stopping creating educative or entertaining content and boring people with self-selling monologues.

A lot have been said about Klout  the “standard” for measuring online influence. I am not an expert to understand how the algorithms work to calculate your Klout score but it measures influence based on your ability to drive action by creating content or engaging others in conversations. The Klout score uses data from social networks such as Twitter, Youtube, WordPress, Linkedin, or Facebook.

Even if you don’t want to, everybody who is active on social media has a Klout score.  You may choose to ignore it but if you are a small business owner your clients may take it very seriously.  If you are a self-proclaimed expert in SEO, website designer or social media guru you need to be recognized as an expert with a low klout score people might doubt you have the capability to do a great job for improving their online presence and social media marketing.

If you are a business consultant or a coach, your Klout score may be interpreted to judge how well you can help your clients by using the latest internet tools available to reach their goals. For example help them learn what works and what doesn’t for their particular needs such as marketing their services or building a personal brand and assisting them in job search.

Hopefully, most people don’t use Klout alone to evaluate your skills or capability and your ranking on GOOGLE when people search your name or business is much more important as 99% of people will search information about you via Google (check my post : If You Don’t Show Up In Google, You Don’t Exist. and take the the test.

Klout is not only a number, it helps you identify people who are experts or at least are engaging people in certain topics. You can survey what are the trends in your sector or build your expert image and brand by publishing specific content people read and talk about on social media. For example Harvard Business Review (http://klout.com/#/HarvardBiz) is influential about Management, Business and Economics. Klout thinks I am influential about Coaching, Business, Culture.

Can I cheat my Klout Score ? YES ABSOLUTELY ! Klout is not a science and you can artificially pump up your Klout score by following these advises: How to increase your Klout Score in 9 Easy Steps  The problem with following those tips is that it takes as much time as making great content and you will fool nobody after a while if you are just a boring noise maker and a spammer.

My recommendation is: don’t be obsess by your Klout score, it is just a statistic tool. Nobody will trust you based on your Klout score only, you know the saying : there are  lies, damned lies, and statistics !  You will drop points faster than you gain them if you stop being connected during weekends or vacation which I recommend you to do. Don’t be a Klout addict,  what counts is using Klout as a tool to benchmark yourself against yourself. What did you do or say that increased your audience engagement ?  How much business do you get via social media ?  What topics are hot in your fields ? Are you perceived as an influencer ?  Overall Klout helps you define a sound content strategy.

Agree ? Don’t Agree ?

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12 Responses to Klout Score: Content Is Key !

  1. This article was written jut before Klout launched its new version of KLOUT. While I have no problem of having lost 13 points overnight I am concerned that nobody at Klout can explain it to me.

    So I have now serious doubts on the validity of Klout, old or new to benchmark myself and use it as an indicator of what my audience find helpful in what I do on social media and I am not the only one. http://www.5minutesformom.com/45577/why-companies-cant-count-on-klout-scores/

    • thesmartexpat says:

      Hi Anne – nice article! I too am mystified by the new version of Klout. My score has gone up and down by more than 10 points for no particular reason. I think Klout has lost a huge amount of credibility by making the changes it has. I’ve found that everything about my klout score has changed and none of it makes any sense at all to me. I hope they get it sorted out soon…..before everyone starts ignoring them!!

      • Klout lost even more credibility after it has been revealed that they created accounts from minor’s Facebook profiles ! Here the apology from the Klout CEO:
        “We will always be vigilant in working with the platforms (Twitter/Facebook/etc), our legal counsel, and the community to do what’s right here. We messed up on this one and are deeply sorry.”

        After many people complained about the “everybody has a Klout score”, The company made in November an easier way to opt-out. So now not everybody wants a Klout score. I think they seriously messed-up and not only on this one .

  2. Lont says:

    Once upon a Trend: The reliability of Klout
    October 26, some italian users (digital natives) have decided to test the Klout system by running the #ktrain http://www.searcheeze.com/it/view/4ea9185ed57a053fb9000001

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  5. Emma says:

    Great post Anne, thank you for the shout-out to my blog – very much appreciated.

  6. I loved that post “How to increase your Klout Score in 9 Easy Steps”, it did show how you could “beat the system”, but I don’t know that it necessarily holds true with Klout’s new metrics. I’ve met with commercial ad agencies and and they do indeed check Klout scores to verify if someone in our field knows their stuff, but unlike the average user, they also have monitoring software to verify user accounts to verify sentiment, interaction, etc…

    So will I continue to worry about my Klout score? You betcha!. Will I try to “beat the system”? Of course not – that’s never what it’s been about for me. I like to interact, create community, etc… My goal is to continue to help others by educating them in social media and enjoy being online. If my Klout score goes up that ‘s great; If I help another person’s Klout score go up that’s even better! 🙂

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