Getting A Balanced Life in Only Two Steps

GoalsMany of you made your New Year Resolutions with enthusiasm, thinking this New Year will be different, that you will quit bad habits, lose weight, exercise, attend a language class or whatever, But did you really think deeply if this is what YOU want ? Do you want to please others ? Do you spend time on somebody else’s agenda ? Do you have the motivation, discipline time and other resources to achieve your goals ? I guess you may have chosen your usual new year resolutions without thinking as a whole person, with finite resources such as time, money and specific support.

In 2012, do you want to simplify your life and implement processes or habits that last more than a couple of weeks after New Year? Here are two simple steps you can take that will give you guidance and makes you spending your efforts on activities that really matters to you.:

Step One: Identify Your Priorities:

Identify your current level of satisfaction for each area in the wheel and connect the dots. Then think about things you really want to improve and develop. Please note that a balanced life does not require that you dedicate equal amounts of time to each little piece of your life. Balance is about taking care of all of you and all of what is important to you. That means that you must make time to invest in your self-care, define what matters to you, and allow yourself to be busy with those activities. Once you selected the categories you want to develop, Think about what a 7 a (Satisfied/Fulfilled) would look like for each one you selected ex. Fitness: enjoy going to the pool once a week and indoor biking 1 hour. Be specific, realistic, make sure you have time and energy or other resources like money or partner. Avoid the “should” or the “have to”. Then select only 3 goals to focus on with actions to reach a 7 in your top priorities (you can have multiple goals in one area).

Step Two : Managing your Resource of Time

The process of using your time effectively becomes possible when you begin to view it as a commodity that you have the choice to spend—or invest. When you invest, you essentially allocate your resources to something you believe will give you a positive return.

Do you view your time with as much consideration as you view your money?

I would bet that you would not burn a dollar bill. Yet, you may be willing to burn through an hour of your time based on someone else’s demands. You need a system connecting your priorities and managing your calendar. There is an excellent method developed by Steven Covey in his book : “First Things First ” See bellow his tool to classify your weekly TO DO list before planning time in your calendar. The idea it to focus on the important things that contribute the most to reaching your goals (Quadrant II) implementing processes and habits to anticipate the urgent and Important (Quadrant I) such as having an automatic bill payment system online for example. You also need to reduce time spent on non important things or quit bad habits that are wasting your time.

If you decide to quit a bad habit, always compensate by an activity you really enjoy that gives you more rewards and fun than the bad behavior.

For example replacing what I call “Pavlovian Tweeting or Facebooking ” by meeting friends outside for hiking or walking. This woks for me, It is fun, good for my health and great to meet new people in my neighborhood.

IF you really want to get the LIFE you enjoy and deserve without the struggle, start working today on identifying your priorities and select your 3 most important goals, make an action plan for each and decide how much time to allocate for each activities on a weekly basis.

If you need some clarification how to use those tools or help you set your goals, please do not hesitate to contact me for a FREE, no obligation, REAL coaching Session:Click HERE

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24 Responses to Getting A Balanced Life in Only Two Steps

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  3. Edward Kuwana says:

    great article

  4. Bill Lowell says:

    I’ve never seen it laid out in such a clear and concise manner, excellent job Anne!

  5. Very motivational Anne, I especially like when you get rid of a bad habit, replace it with something you like. Very well written with good graphics.

  6. Deeone says:

    Awesome tools and tips here Anne. I also enjoyed the charts as well. Great article! Thanks for sharing. This will certainly prove to be useful!

  7. David Sharp says:

    Great post Anne and I love The Wheel Of Life, such a great tool for assessing where you want to go in life. This is something we should all take a bit of time over.

  8. Hello Anne, I enjoyed your post tremendously! These 2 steps and fundamentally what we need to help us is so many areas on our life! I love the wheel of life for it’s simplicity but rather powerful results in determining how balanced your life it! The quadrant from Dr. Stephen R. Covey is awesome! I recently did a vlog on it and so enjoyed the valuable lessons it brings us! I am looking forward to know you more and read more of your awesome content! ~ Nathalie

  9. I love your suggestion to replace a bad habit with a good one you really enjoy. Brilliant! We tend to replace “fun” bad habits with ones we dread. I am going to look at my life and see where I can make some exchanges. Thanks, Anne!

  10. This is actually part of my goal — to bring this back in line.

    So, my theme phrase, “Build With Balance.”

    Put myself on the list, and quit doing things that don’t maximize my time…

    Thanks for reinforcing concept!


  11. Wow I haven’t completed a wheel of life for years, possibly about time I sat down and did it again!

    I’ve reviewed so many business strategies over the last few weeks but haven’t taken a look at my personal priorities or my work/life balance.

    It is time for me to get everything in balance so I am going to give this a go, thanks!

  12. Wendy Orr says:

    Such a good point about wasting an hour based on someone else’s demands – or perhaps how I’ve chosen to interpret their demands!

  13. ResumeSmith says:

    Anne, I love the use of diagrams to illustrate your points. I struggle with Quadrant II. Now I have some tools to help me prioritize properly. Thank you.

  14. Anne,
    what an inspirational post.
    I like your two ‘simple steps’ to get a balanced life.

    I have very few ‘bad habits’, but I like your idea of replacing bad habits immediately with something positive and even more fun! “If you decide to quit a bad habit, always compensate by an activity you really enjoy that gives you more rewards and fun than the bad behavior.”

    I am going to meet a friend for lunch in two days!

    Your graphics are great and I have to say, inspirational, too!

    Great start to the new year!

  15. Joel Carter says:

    Great tools, and great article. Thanks Ann

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