Management Tips From Red Hat’s Crazy Culture Every Company Should Steal

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Red Hat is a meritocracy and the CEO says all companies should follow its lead.

Top 11 best management and leadership practices from Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst:

1- Replace the word “boss” with the word “cheerleader.” The more senior people don’t necessarily have the best ideas,”

2-Include anyone in the decision process, not everyone. In a meritocracy, the people choose their areas of interests and participate.

3-It’s not democracy. It’s transparency. Employees don’t get to vote decisions but managers have to explain and articulate the reasons for the decisions they are responsible for.

4-Collaboration tools can be a stupid idea Collaboration is a culture, not a set of tools

5-People will call you an idiot. Let them. The real problem is getting people who are genuinely nice to say something that might be harsh

6-Passionate employees will clobber each other. Let them

7-Guide employees to self police. As people grow comfortable expressing opinions, the obnoxious opinions will naturally be shouted down.

8-The boss isn’t your mommy.

9-Employees who deserve free time get it, 100% of the time. At Red Hat, engineers who earn the respect of their peers get to spend “100% of the time to do what they want and everyone else gets zero.

10-Decisions take longer but execution is nearly flawless. Listening to employees means it takes a lot of time for every decision. That can be painful for managers. But it’s worth it.

11-Managers need to personally answer every employee message.

Principles of Open Source Collaboration

(Reference: Dancing, Open Source Collaboration, and Community Building-April 24, 2012 )

1. Users are contributors (leaders lower the barriers for users to contribute)

2. People are free to contribute how they choose (leaders motivate and coordinate volunteers across modular opportunities)

3. Governance is by a do-ocracy, not democracy

4. Community is a vital asset to any open source project.

5. Well-defined communication and systems are vital

6. Contribution process is rigorously defined.

Slideshare Presentation by :An Open Source Approach to Collaboration”

Your Turn : What is your experience of Open Source Collaboration ?

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