Dump Facebook, Keep Your Friends: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are a long-term expatriate like me (20+ years in the air), Facebook is a fantastic tool, mainly for two reasons:

1-To stay in contact with friends and family from all over the world, who can provide emotional support when you feel lonely and experience “culture shock”

2-To contact other expatriates and people you don’t know who can give you vital information such as schools, neighborhoods, medical support etc. to help you make an informed choice regarding your next International assignment and make contacts even months before your move. Read more about “5 Tips on how to connect with people yo don’t know”: 

However there is a big problem,especially  when you work from home. In my case Facebook takes more time than it should and it kills my productivity and I cannot stay focused on important things. I can always argument that it is for the reason #2,  I mentioned above,  but it is not 100% true.

I have tried various tools such as a simple kitchen timer or switching my PC on only after the main tasks were done, which is not practical when your clients are communicating online with you. I even try something more sophisticated like  “StayFocusd” a great application but you can always delete it if you feel frustrated that the 60 minutes you allocated on social media for ” not-so-important stuff” is over.

So when I came across the title of this article from FastCompany.com, I saved it on  Scoop.it  Global Leaders my online magazine, which is an excellent tool to keep important educational articles and ultimately save your time.

Then I started to  experiment some of the basic tips:

You don’t have to say goodbye to your friends in order to keep the good parts of Facebook and avoid the constant distraction.

I started to look at the information on my news feed and deleted many pages that were just noise, I sometimes just liked pages to please others but completely out of my sphere of interests. I realized I liked 600 pages in 4 years ! Way too much and the pruning will be a long but necessary process.

Then I have changed my email notification to keep getting “Semi-important Stuff Coming Via Email” as recommended in the article.

The ultimate step is the  weaning process that keeps you away from Facebook website. I know one friend who did it and I will see if I really need it.

How do you stay focused, productive AND keep the best of social networking ? 

See on www.fastcompany.com

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4 Responses to Dump Facebook, Keep Your Friends: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. I implemented the Facebook News Feed in my RSS feed reader (Google) and it is such a great improvement compared to reading in FB timeline. I can chose to dedicate 30 minutes in a row to read and comment on what really matters to me , plus now I see posts I never seen before because the news feed on Facebook is in real time while in reader it stays until you decide to delete what you want.

  2. ResumeSmith says:

    Let me know how this works. Facebook can be a distraction as the lines between work and play are blurred. But I’ll stick with StayFocused and the kitchen timer for now.

    Do I sound like an addict?

    • Hi Karleen, if you are already using Stayfocusd, how many hours do you allow yourself to be on “play mode” ?

      I don’t know about you but I am definitively an addict, so using Stayfocusd did not work for me, it is like hiding the Nutella’s pot. Even if I promise I will only eat 1 Tbsp per day, I end up finishing the whole 250g (8OZ) in one day, one Tablespoon at a time!

      Stayfocused really frustrated me because I also use FB professionally so I end-up switching to my ipad or deleting the application from my browser. I am just starting using FB via email only and using RSS feed in Google reader and it seems to work much better. I even see now updates of friends that FB chose not to show me in timeline.

  3. bowden2bowden says:

    Good insight Ann and wish you well with your challenge. For me and our firm, fb is an embedded channel for many of our clients so it is extremely important to remain active in and around. I guess I mean, that it is not robbing our time it is filling it more and more with opportunities to integrate into other and larger campaigns…

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