Should Executives Start To Actively Build Their Online Presence ?


It’s Not Enough,


 Forrester Research Chief Executive Officer George Colony predicts that within 15 years CEOs will need to know the ins and outs of new media, social network technologies and social communities before they get the job. It’s no longer appropriate to leave all the blogging and the social communications to others in the organization, Colony says. Read more: Should CEOs Tweet And Blog?

Personally I don’t think executives should wait 15 years to start building their reputation online. To attract talent, companies need to use the tools used by their future executives so if you are thinking attracting 25+ 30+ future stars in your business you should start be accessible to them. Charisma is not enough anymore you have to share who you are and what you think from the inside out to build your credibility and trust among future employees.

Picture: Social media in executive search presentation- by Samantha Bell on Aug 19, 2010:

It is interesting to look how current employers are using social media in this very nice Infographic below.

 In the employers’ eyes, social media should be exclusively reserved for carefully managed brand promotion and professionally handled social recruiting– How Employers Really Feel About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC].

Your Turn:

Do you think you should spend some time to blog and interact with your stakeholders online personally ?


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3 Responses to Should Executives Start To Actively Build Their Online Presence ?

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  2. Kevin Bryant says:

    Surprised Forrester CEO would have said 15 years…way way too late in my opinion. It’s here “get used to it”. Email is dying a quick death. Other platforms simply much easier and more efficient especially when it comes to communicating to a large, but targeted audience. They’ve got to get with the program much sooner than later.

    If you need some suggestions, maybe I can help…

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