Gift Giving, Tipping and Bribery – A Cultural Understanding

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T.W. Anderson of Marginal Boundaries discusses gift giving, tipping and bribery, and why it is important as an expat to understand cultural differences.

I am still annoyed with tipping in the US despite having living there for 7 years, especially in Manhattan.

Tipping the doorman to get a taxi for you when it rains, or helping putting  groceries in you car is OK for me since it is extra service but mandatory tipping when the service is not good is less acceptable for me than the automatic service included in most European countries.

For me living in Japan was such a relief from the tipping headache in America not knowing how much or when to give. In Japan service is included everywhere.

In Russia where I live now, some people will be offended if you tip them for the job they are supposed to do. In restaurant and cafes it is about 10 to 15% tips. I don’t know yet about favors or gift giving in a business context but I understood giving gifts when you are invited by Russians is good manners not necessarily bribery.

So agree with the article to assume nothing and ask in context what is appropriate and legal or not.

What is tipping and gift giving practices in your country ?

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