What is Intercultural Coaching ?

” Creatures of a very particular making, we need to know the cultural blinders that narrow our world view as well as the psychological blinders that narrow our view of our personal experience”-Christina Baldwin

What an Intercultural coach does practically:? 

Patricia Comolet from CamComCoaching, wrote a very good article, The rise of intercultural coaching and I  have extracted some key concepts about intercultural coaching/

Coaching creates the space to explore cultural keys, allowing clients to consider the differences and to project themselves within the confines of a new cultural framework.

Coaching doesn’t impose new ways of seeing and doing, but rather opens up for consideration postures and options to choose from.

Intercultural coaching takes a frank look at our own cultures and assumptions. This awareness brings reality to an otherwise nebulous idea of what the future holds in store. It allows the evaluation of the difference between cultures, rejects the notion of judgment while placing the question of identity squarely at the forefront.

  • How does the client see himself within his new cultural context?
  • Where will flexibility open up new worlds and experiences for him?
  • Where will he set his limits, based on his values, his interests, and his objectives?

The coaching process also takes the client into the shady side roads to face the doubts, concerns and fears which often lie unaddressed, pushed under the growing list of “to dos”. By facing these elements within the confines of a confidential space, what seemed like insurmountable obstacles such as a lack of self-confidence, anxiety over communicating, or fear of not being able to rally a foreign team to the expected results, can become manageable challenges.

In preparation for an international move coaching encourages clients to consciously construct a specific personal project within their professional objectives.

This brings meaning and purpose to the move, creating strong personal motivation. This personal motivation is the root of the energy and determination necessary to succeed both professionally and personally in a new environment.

The established trust and confidential space provides a release valve for the pressures involved in “making his mark”. Cognitive behaviours are examined and response options are explored.

As in any coaching – the client remains responsible for his choices and actions. But coaching provides the “rest stop” on the road to expand the available options and integrate the cultural elements active in the situation.

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