7 Steps to Become an Authority in Your Industry/ Keep Learning !

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How developing your reputation as a leader can help boost your business and brand.

The last point  “Keep Learning” of this article on “how to become an authority in your industry” is for me the most important factor to become and stay an expert in your field.

The original article is mainly for businesses but the concept can be applied for building your reputation to boost your career and get opportunities

For organizing and sharing interesting articles I like Scoop.it. To discuss new topics, get new ideas and feedback from other experts I like Linkedin groups. I am not using yet the new Google+ feature, “communities”,  but it seems something interesting. If you have started a Google + community, please share your experience or wait for the next post after I have learned how to use this new tool.

For organizing ideas and actually learn, I like to write in my blog. Learning by teaching is one of my favorite way to learn. I can’t explain clearly something if I did not understand it fully.

What about you ? What do you do to be known as an expert in your industry ?

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