Cultural Intelligence is the Art of Understanding Empathy Across Cultures.

Empathy Map

I made this blog based on the findings of the original article:


Strong empathy may prevent us from doing the wrong things.
Empathy then connects with the divine energy in this person.

It is like a guided and divine hand that leads our actions.
You will suddenly know what to do or what better not to do.

Name it intuition.

Intuition is the faculty of acquiring direct knowledge or insight without thinking our way through it. You simply feel it.

Follow this intuition and you will see your way.

It is not only that we give empathy, we should understand empathy.

Anne Egros‘s insight:

Intuition? Interesting definition of empathy.

For me I explain intuition by opening all our senses to non-verbal signals send by another person.

If someone says something but has a body gesture that you interpret as the opposite, your inner radar will feel it and will trigger a reaction in your own brain : perception -> interpretation-> behavior  : in that example interpretation means this person is not trustworthy and as a consequence I won’t sign a deal with her. In psychology this is also called the ladder of inference.

Because we live in a shrinking global village, more and more people from different cultures are interacting with each other so  it is important to learn appropriate gestures and non verbal communication  to avoid conflicts or international  business negotiation failures.

How Do You Define Cultural Intelligence ? Please comment

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