Zumba Fitness: The Global Branding Machine Behind The Fun

Zumba ?  That’s more than just another fitness routine. it’s all about having fun, feeling energized, happy and emotionally connected with other people in the room. Zumba is about passion and lifestyle. It is also an incredible business story. Zumba Fitness was Inc. Magazine’s company of the year for 2012 and in January the same magazine nominated Alberto Perlman, 35, one of the top 5 CEO to watch in 2013

Since I took my first Zumba class in Atlanta in 2006, it has become a household name with 14 million people taking classes in 186 countries.! This is a great global business model.  In the US and Belgium where I lived before and now in Russia, the music, the choreography, everything is the same except languages of course but the instructors are highly qualified and they love what they do.

 “Best Employees Have More Passion, Less Experience”

Zumba InstructorUnited by their passion for Zumba and committed to very personal causes, five extraordinary Zumba instructors are making a difference for the larger community. Listen to their stories here

Zumba Fitness makes money by licensing instructors and by keeping the instructors tied into the Zumba system. They also make video games like Zumba Core. It has also  a line of clothing and sell Music on iTunes and CDs. It is also important to notice their global trademark strategy:  ZUMBA®, ZUMBA FITNESS®, ZUMBATOMIC®, ZUMBA GOLD®, ZUMBATHON®, ZUMBAWEAR® and ZLIFE® are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC

For more Listen to Zumba co-founder on success of international fitness craze – CBS News Video.

What Zumba Fitness Teached Me ?

1-For me as an expat, I enjoy doing Zumba regardless of countries. It is familiar and it helps relieving the stress of the move and fighting the blues when culture shock strikes..

2-This is a great place to meet like-minded people and if you are happy and smiling you will connect more easily and make friends faster.

3-If you are passionate you can even become a Zumba instructor, isn’t it a great portable career ?

4-Global branding has to be consistent in term of delivering value. It can be about your personal brand or your business, but the “core” should be strong and the same everywhere you go. The idea is about discovering your true values and passion and start from there to grow.

Is Zumba For YOU ?

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5 Responses to Zumba Fitness: The Global Branding Machine Behind The Fun

  1. bxljenny says:

    LOL I tried it out once and found out that it wasn’t for me. I dance Latin and prefer going to clubs and socialise dancing ‘real’ samba, salsa etc. but I agree: energyzing it is!

  2. America For Beginners says:

    I really enjoy taking Zumba classes in the US, and I’m pleasantly surprised that Zumba is popular in Russia now. In 2010 it was next to impossible to find affordable classes, if any. I’ve always thought of Zumba as a great way to relieve stress, but the fact that it can be a portable career is quite new for me. Thanks for the great article!

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