Today’s Resume Is Not About YOU, It Is About The VALUE You Add To Employers

A successful resume today replaces the “this is what I want” objective statement with a “this is the value that I offer” branding statement (Arnie Fertig in 7 Key Elements of a Great Personal Branding Statement)

3 Key questions you need to ask yourself to create your brand mission statement

 1-What are your passionate about ? what’s your interests ? values ?

2-What is your unique talent ? What are your technical and people skills ?

 3-Who do you want to work for?  Assess your job market to find potential employers and jobs opportunities you like

Brand Value Diagram

By combining the answers to those three questions you can create your unique brand value statement that includes :

How will you solve potential employers’ problems better than your peers ? Look at your past experiences both professional and in your life to make great stories, avoid boring listing of job titles. Make a unique and specific brand statement for each job you apply.

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