Coaching For Results In The Global Ecomomy




In this presentation I have summarized what is needed to implement a  good strategy globally:

1-People and Resources:  

  • Aligned corporate culture with strategy
  • Strategic leadership
  • Concentrate resources on target
  • Match resources and capabilities requirements

2- Fit:  Redesign the work and activities that serve the strategy. Leverage strengths, lock out imitators

3-Flexibility: All advantages are temporary:  Gather and use intelligence

Having the right people in the strategic leadership team is the very first step and the most important factor for successful strategy implementation.

Global leaders are asked more and more to be able to lead virtual and multicultural teams all around the world dealing not only with cultural differences but also with misunderstanding of work expectations, performance definition or differences in time zones.

In a previous post, I have introduced the concept of “Third Culture Teams” to describe how to create congruence of three cultures:

1-The Corporate culture: Company explicit and implicit rules and guidelines, leadership style, ethnocentric or diversity-centered, cultural traits of the country where the Headquarters are based

2-The local country culture: Language (verbal and non-verbal), religion, cultural values and norms, communication style

3-Each individual team member’s own culture, values, beliefs, set of norms

Choose your global team leaders for their ability to federate people under one concept of a third culture team with well-developed active listening skills,emotional intelligence and mentoring capabilities as well as cultural fluency.

The idea of third culture teams is based on the human need for belonging: People like to feel that they can relate to someone and those who share similar interests.

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