Why employers value intercultural skills

New research shows that employers around the world value staff who understand the role of culture at work. Source: www.britishcouncil.org

What do employers understand by ‘intercultural skills ?

  1.  Ability to understand different cultural contexts and viewpoints.
  2.  Respect for others’ and ‘adapting to different cultural settings
  3.  Accepting cultural differences
  4.  Speaking foreign languages
  5.  Open to new ideas and ways of thinking

 How do employers evaluate job candidates for intercultural skills?

  1. Strong communication throughout the interview and selection process
  2. The ability to speak foreign languages
  3. Demonstration of cultural sensitivity in the interview
  4. Experience studying overseas
  5. Experience working overseas

 What Is Your Company Doing To Develop Intercultural Skills ? 

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3 thoughts on “Why employers value intercultural skills

  1. mkbburrusatrina January 17, 2015 at 12:15 pm Reply

    Thank you Anne for this interesting blog,

    I totally agree that intercultural skills are essential especially in Europe where economies of scale are not possible as each within Europe have their own political, legal and social rules. Here are two European leaders that say so CEO of BMW, Switzerland http://ow.ly/HtynQ or Peter Brabeck, Chairman of Nestle http://ow.ly/Htywi

  2. […] Why employers value intercultural skills […]

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