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Linkedin: Boosting Or Damaging Your Networking Results ?

So you have 500plus connections with people you don’t really know. Is that how you build your network Anne Egros‘s insight: I don’t agree with the opinion shared in this article: “5 WAYS LINKEDIN GETS IN THE WAY OF NETWORKING” about … Continue reading

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Are You The Invisible Man ?

Are you looking for a job and getting sick reading about personal branding, getting advises on “how to stand out of the crowd” or people talking about how to engage your target audience ? Worst do you get irritated by stupid buzzwords … Continue reading

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Klout Score: Content Is Key !

There are sure ways to lose your audience’s trust and patience on social media: making noise and becoming lazy, stopping creating educative or entertaining content and boring people with self-selling monologues. A lot have been said about Klout  the “standard” for measuring online influence. … Continue reading

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How Long Can You Really Stay Offline ?

Starting last Saturday and finishing Monday May 30 was memorial weekend in the US. Beside parades and various celebrations, for many Americans it is also the first day of “summer”. Community pools open, people start  BBQ parties and de-winterize their sprinkler … Continue reading

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How To Get Noticed On Linkedin As A Valuable Passive Candidate ?

[ More and more recruiters and hiring companies use social media to recruit. In a Linkedin 2010 survey, “Half of recruiters surveyed in the US are worried competitors will improve social media use”: . However most passive candidates usually don’t … Continue reading

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What Printed Words Are Saying About You In Digital Media?

You are constantly sending messages about your true thoughts and feelings whether you are using words or not. Your written words convey as much about you as your body language: posture, smile, and voice tone. Continue reading

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