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Gift Giving, Tipping and Bribery – A Cultural Understanding

See on – Global Leaders T.W. Anderson of Marginal Boundaries discusses gift giving, tipping and bribery, and why it is important as an expat to understand cultural differences. I am still annoyed with tipping in the US despite having … Continue reading

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The Grass On The Other Side Is Always Greener !

When you see how it can make things better, you get more interested in making the change happen. (Spencer Johnson-Who Moved My Cheese?) ~~~~~~~ Five months ago we moved from Belgium to the U.S. because we decided to live in a place … Continue reading

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Resilience During Disasters: Are Expats Better Prepared ?

In one of my previous posts, “Are expat more resilient ?” , I talk about the process of building physical and mental strengths after being exposed to various stressful events, several culture shocks and overall how being an expat can actually … Continue reading

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10 Natural Wonders to See Before They Disappear

I have not only been a serial expatriate for 20 years but I am also an avid traveler and a certified PADI rescue scuba diver. I have visited many of those natural wonders such as Belize, Australia Great Barrier, Maldives, … Continue reading

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