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Workplace Lies Cost Trillions — What Leaders Can Do About It -Forbes

Leaders reduce deception and build (or reinforce) cultures of candor when they expect people to be honest, communicate openly and upfront, align their words with their actions, and treat people nicely. See Full  Article on Anne Egros‘s insight: About Trust: … Continue reading

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Beyond Motivation: How to Engage Employees To Boost The Economy

According to the latest Gallup survey on American employee’s productivity conducted in 201,  only 29% of employees were engaged or involved and enthusiastic about their job. In contrast 71 % of full-time workers, were “not engaged” including 20% miserable or actively disengaged. These findings … Continue reading

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7 Secrets Executives Use To Build High Performance Organizations

Because the business and its environment are continually evolving, best practice also has to be adapted to the  times. What matters is the right managerial practice, exploiting the right business drivers to adapt to and shape the conditions facing a business over … Continue reading

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5 Sure Ways To Make People Upset On Social Media

This list is the most common networking mistakes I think people make on social media that are annoying most of the people I know. 1- Sending a ” caned message”, like the “Join my network on LinkedIn”  without  presenting  yourself and give … Continue reading

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How To Become A Successful Innovator Part II: Set The Stage

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] In my previous post I talked about why you need to break the rules and un-learn things to be a creative person.  Here, I will share some ideas for discussion on how to foster innovation in organizations. Let … Continue reading

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Who Will Be Tomorrow’s Leaders?

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] In 2020, leaders will have to inspire and manage three generations of managers and employees with radical differences on their expectations on how they see work and leadership. Late Boomers, 55+ will still stay in the workforce because … Continue reading

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How Much Mistrust Is Costing You In A Global Economy?

If we worry, we don’t trust; if we trust, we don’t worry. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its grief, but it does empty today of its joy. – James Kurtz. Without trust it is impossible to establish healthy relationships … Continue reading

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Stop Selling Start Living

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] When you go to a networking event face to face, have a conversation on the phone or use social media, you don’t have to tell all about the services and products your company is offering. Potential clients won’t listen … Continue reading

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