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Finding Happiness as an Expat Wife

See on – International Career Are you struggling with life as an expat wife? InterNations shows you how to avert an identity crisis and how to find happiness as an expat wife. Anne Egros‘s insight: Maybe you took a … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Your Aging Fears And Move Forward

I just added one more year to my official age last week, look strange I did not feel THAT old ! So I look at the mirror and asked: “Mirror, Mirror, Do I still look young, beautiful and attractive?” “Humm … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga: Are Leaders Born That Way ?

Can we compare Lady Gaga with Mahatma Gandhi ? Greatest leaders of all time do share common traits and one of the most important one is to be able to influence and inspire crowds by standing on their unique and often revolutionary … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Expat Women Make Such Great Networkers

There is no recipe to make an expatriation a great moment in your life but meeting new people from totally different backgrounds in term of culture, profession, religion, social status,  is one of the best things about living abroad. Of … Continue reading

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Facial Expressions Of Emotion Across Cultures: Are They Innate or Learned ?

Facial Expressions Of Emotion,  Are They Innate Or Learned ? Mimicking other people’s facial expressions is a very intuitive and innate way to be able to empathize, create bonds and communicate with others. In the article “Emotion expression in social … Continue reading

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The Reward Is In The Goal: How Making Things Happen Makes You Happy

For expats like me moving to a new place this summer, they might think that it is already Christmas when they get  their stuff delivered in boxes of all shapes in their new home. Well, for me that feeling did not last long. … Continue reading

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5 Most Critical Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Abroad

Here Five  questions you have to ask before saying yes to expatriation: Q #1:  What are my personal motives?: Most people think that by accepting an international position they will get a short cut to the top of the corporate … Continue reading

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Expat Women Confessions

When I first heard about the new book “Expat Women Confessions – 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad” launched today May 5, 2011 by the founder, and the director of and book author Andrea Martins, I thought … Continue reading

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