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American Culture: What is Black Friday ?

  When I first moved to New York City from Japan, I never heard about “Black Friday”. I remember the Macy’s Parade in the streets of NYC for Thanksgiving but did not notice this event the first year.   Black … Continue reading

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Graduation Day In America From An Expat Perspective

We have been living for just 11 months in an affluent small town in New Jersey too far from New York City to be international. If I want to go to the City it takes me a good 90 minutes by … Continue reading

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How to Network In your Community: Tips For Fresh Expats in America

I previously posted quite a lot on how to create virtual bonds for expats moving to a new place during the preparation phase. Now I am going to share how to meet real people, how to introduce yourself everywhere you can … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn About American Culture From Captain America ?

I have been away from my blog/business for few weeks as I was moving from Belgium to New Jersey in June and July. After short vacation, we arrived in our new house last week. This is our third expatriation in … Continue reading

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What To Learn From A Brand That Is Trusted Globally?

Why Paying a coffee at Starbucks 3$ while you could get a good coffee at your local Deli or coffee shop for 99 cts? This is not only the taste, price does not matter because you don’t drink coffee,  it … Continue reading

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