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The Chemistry of Positive Social Interactions In Leadership

Anne Egros’s insight: Judith and Richard Glaser published an article in HBR on the results of a study that analyzed the hormonal response of positive and negative behaviors in managers. Oxytocin is the hormone we produce when we feel good during a conversation like positive feedback. Cortisol is … Continue reading

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Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions, Build Solid Foundations First

Sometime around January 1st, 2011, we were all excited and energized, thinking that this year will be different and that we will keep our new year resolutions but by the end of February or so we found many excuses and … Continue reading

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Canada A Hotspot For Startups: Coaching Programs Helps

Canada  ranked high in terms of education, with 72% of Canadian respondents seeing an improvement in coaching programs in the past five years, and 50% calling for coaching as the No. 1 priority in the next three years to improve … Continue reading

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When And How To Hire A Great Coach ?

It seems that under the increasing pressure at work due to the economic crisis, people are more willing to deliberately invest in their life and self-care. For them this is becoming more evident in today’s fast-paced environment. Look at yourself and … Continue reading

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Praise and Incentives: Are Carrots Worse Than Sticks?

How many times do you say  “good job” or  “I am proud of you” to your kids ? Do you give them money or buy them candies if they behave well or get good marks at school? What about your … Continue reading

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Dear Executives: If You Are Not On Linkedin, Your Competitors Are!

This article is about executives who have a job or executive job seekers. I am not talking about how companies can create competitive advantages by using Linkedin. When I first posted about using Linkedin, few executives were openly using it to … Continue reading

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Want to be an Expat ?

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Expat Life: Returning Home and the Grief Cycle

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] For every change, positive or negative, people go through various emotional stages. Dr Kubler-Ross described those stages as the “Grief Cycle (On grief and grieving By Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, David Kessler). Those stages are the following:Shock stage: Initial paralysis … Continue reading

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‘Do You Self Promote on the Social Media?’

Don’t Spam on social media! Continue reading

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