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Where are you really from ? An Expat Perspective On Racism

I found the question in this article very interesting:   Is It Racist to Ask People Where They’re From? As an expat, I am asked all the time where are you really from ?  and I usually have different answers for different … Continue reading

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Are Expats More Resilient? By Guest Contributor June 16, 2011 by Anne Egros  Anne is in the middle of move #12, back to the USA in New Jersey, after two years…

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Dump Facebook, Keep Your Friends: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are a long-term expatriate like me (20+ years in the air), Facebook is a fantastic tool, mainly for two reasons: 1-To stay in contact with friends and family from all over the world, who can provide emotional support … Continue reading

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Guess What Posts Were Most Read In 2011 ?

If you have a blog: What were your 11 most read posts in 2011 ? See table  Do you think those most read posts reflect your expertise or interests? I think I do  Do you write for your audience or … Continue reading

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How To Move On After Moving In ?

Any move to a new home, either next door, next state or across continents is a “moving” experience in more than one way. No matter how often you changed residence before, moving brings a variety of emotions. I have been … Continue reading

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Is You Accent Ruining Your Career ?

An accent is a way of pronouncing a language in a certain group of people.. It is therefore impossible to speak without an accent. The influence of your accent on your career is not as important as it used to be … Continue reading

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Expat Kids: Motivation, IQ Test Scores And Future Success ?

ScienceDaily (2011-04-27) –New psychology research demonstrates a correlation between a test-taker’s motivation and performance on an IQ test and, more important, between that performance and a person’s future success. Angela Lee Duckworth, an assistant professor of psychology in Penn’sSchool ofArts and Sciences, … Continue reading

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