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Where are you really from ? An Expat Perspective On Racism

I found the question in this article very interesting:   Is It Racist to Ask People Where They’re From? As an expat, I am asked all the time where are you really from ?  and I usually have different answers for different … Continue reading

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Intercultural Communication at Work

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders In this globalised world, communicating in intercultural contexts is not as easy as it may seem… Anne Egros‘s insight: When you don’t understand someone’s behavior in intercultural context, ask questions, don’t guess through your … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of Slang For Non-Native Language Speakers

I have had interesting discussions with linguists and intercultural coaches after publishing an article,  “You Are What You Speak: How Language Influences Behaviors”,. The debate was mainly around  words and cultural context. The most recurrent question was:  Is it the cultural … Continue reading

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Finding Happiness as an Expat Wife

See on Scoop.it – International Career Are you struggling with life as an expat wife? InterNations shows you how to avert an identity crisis and how to find happiness as an expat wife. Anne Egros‘s insight: Maybe you took a … Continue reading

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The Truth About Green Card and American Citizenship

The New York Times Just published this article : Making Choice to Halt at Door of Citizenship I think the article is misleading giving the wrong message that green card holders are taking all the “good things” America has to offer: … Continue reading

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The 5 Biggest Lies About Expats

It is amazing how much pressure is put on expats to comply to a certain image of the “ideal expat”. The perfect expat does not exist and most recommendations I read on specialized blogs on how to become one are … Continue reading

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Who Needs Cross-cultural Training ?

Scoop.it – Global Leaders This article posted in  www.expatica.ru is giving a great overview about cross-cultural training Expatriate failure is defined in literature in a variety of ways, with intentions to leave listed prominently Anne Egros‘s insight: Tailoring cross-cultural training programmes to the … Continue reading

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