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Intercultural training important to expats’ success

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Intercultural training programs are designed to develop cultural awareness and speed the transition process, by providing employees and their families with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to effectively interact across cultures. See on … Continue reading

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Wanted: True Global Business Leaders !

What makes a business leader a true global business leader? One of the most important mission of a business leader is to improve bottom-line results by having a clear vision, shared values and a mission statement that inspire, motivate and … Continue reading

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Beyond Motivation: How to Engage Employees To Boost The Economy

According to the latest Gallup survey on American employee’s productivity conducted in 201,  only 29% of employees were engaged or involved and enthusiastic about their job. In contrast 71 % of full-time workers, were “not engaged” including 20% miserable or actively disengaged. These findings … Continue reading

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Why Changing For The Sake Of Change Is Not Always A Good Idea.

Change is inevitable, we all agree on that, but are we always forced to change because we live in a highly connected  fast-paced global environment ?  I think change for the sake of change has nothing to do with true innovation and fostering … Continue reading

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The Expat Executive Dilemma: Multiple Bosses From Different Cultures

With the globalization more companies will adopt the matrix organization model and so it is not rare to have more than three to seven direct supervisors as described by Amy Galo in her article “Managing Multiple Bosses“. She also gave … Continue reading

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What Skills To Look For Hiring Global Executives ?

The most difficult challenge for an expat executive like a country general manager is to be able to find congruence between various opposite interests in a highly complex environment (see picture above). The expat executive must be able to deal … Continue reading

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Effective Problem Solving In Multicultural Teams

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] > The Edward de Bono‘s Six Thinking Hats method is a very practical approach to problem solving, making decisions and exploring new ideas. Although it has not been specifically designed for multicultural teams, this tool is very effective … Continue reading

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When And How To Hire A Great Coach ?

It seems that under the increasing pressure at work due to the economic crisis, people are more willing to deliberately invest in their life and self-care. For them this is becoming more evident in today’s fast-paced environment. Look at yourself and … Continue reading

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