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Is Expatriation an Addiction?

The last few decades has seen more and more people taking up a corporate expatriate posting, with all of the benefits and challenges an expatriation can bring. Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.communicaid.com After 25 years of expatriation, experiencing very different … Continue reading

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Global Leadership: Fitting in, without giving in

Adapting your leadership style to a different cultural setting can be tough, especially when the new setting demands a style different from how you would normally and comfortably behave at home. So how do you adapt your leadership behavior across … Continue reading

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Where are you really from ? An Expat Perspective On Racism

I found the question in this article very interesting:   Is It Racist to Ask People Where They’re From? As an expat, I am asked all the time where are you really from ?  and I usually have different answers for different … Continue reading

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Intercultural Communication at Work

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders In this globalised world, communicating in intercultural contexts is not as easy as it may seem… Anne Egros‘s insight: When you don’t understand someone’s behavior in intercultural context, ask questions, don’t guess through your … Continue reading

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Davos Man and his defects. How to Define Global Leadership ?

THE two most popular words in the business lexicon are probably “global” and “leadership”. Put them together and people in suits start to salivate.  Read more about this article : See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Anne Egros‘s insight: The cult of the global … Continue reading

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Invent Your Future Job: Be Unique, Be Social, Be Global

The fast-paced changes of our societies have affected all industries and is changing the nature of work for the next 10 to 15 years. There are three major challenges for the workforce of the future increasing pressures on organizations to become … Continue reading

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The Grass On The Other Side Is Always Greener !

When you see how it can make things better, you get more interested in making the change happen. (Spencer Johnson-Who Moved My Cheese?) ~~~~~~~ Five months ago we moved from Belgium to the U.S. because we decided to live in a place … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn From True Global Leaders ?

“To lead the people, walk behind them” -Lao-Tzu What Fortune 100 global companies like GE based in North-America or French insurance company AXA, have in common ?  Why Apple, Google or 3M are among the most admired companies? Those among the … Continue reading

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Do You Work Too Hard ? Some Cultural Perspectives

Do you think that the number of hours you spend at work is related to well-being , happiness and better health ? I came across an article from us.cnn.com comparing the number of hours spent on work and well-being, putting in … Continue reading

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Is It The End Of Expat Executives ?

International HR management is changing and it is not in favor of sending more expatriates. This new trend seems to go faster than International HR management (IHRM) experts predicted. In 2010 most global companies thought that there were not enough … Continue reading

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