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7 Steps to Become an Authority in Your Industry/ Keep Learning !

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders How developing your reputation as a leader can help boost your business and brand. The last point  “Keep Learning” of this article on “how to become an authority in your industry” is for me the most … Continue reading

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How To Network Like A Pro!

What is the Definition of Networking ? “net·work·ing, noun”: Definition: The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business The establishment or use of a computer network If you are mastering … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Show Up In Google, You Don’t Exist.

In my previous post I talked about KLOUT score and how to use it to manage your content on social media If you are a job seeker or think about changing career or starting your own business, you must define … Continue reading

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Klout Score: Content Is Key !

There are sure ways to lose your audience’s trust and patience on social media: making noise and becoming lazy, stopping creating educative or entertaining content and boring people with self-selling monologues. A lot have been said about Klout  the “standard” for measuring online influence. … Continue reading

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Praise and Incentives: Are Carrots Worse Than Sticks?

How many times do you say  “good job” or  “I am proud of you” to your kids ? Do you give them money or buy them candies if they behave well or get good marks at school? What about your … Continue reading

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Dear Executives: If You Are Not On Linkedin, Your Competitors Are!

This article is about executives who have a job or executive job seekers. I am not talking about how companies can create competitive advantages by using Linkedin. When I first posted about using Linkedin, few executives were openly using it to … Continue reading

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Social Media Usage Across Cultures

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] With the globalization we have seen an increase of usage of social media everywhere. According to Nielsen research (January 2010), global consumers spent more than five and half hours per month on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

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