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Culture Is Like A Mayonnaise

Originally posted on Anne Egros, Expat Life, Career, Executive Coach:
This blog has been inspired by an article published  by Rana Sinha , How to understand cross-cultural analysis?. I have summarized Rana’s key ideas and added my own sources of information Origins and Evolution of Cross-cultural Communication.…

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Lousy Leaders Coddle

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Coddling leaders are safe; compassionate leaders dangerous. Coddling, like all leadership behaviors, reflects attitudes about yourself and others. Coddling isn’t compassionate it’s needy, misguided..(read more on leadershipfreak.wordpress.com ) Anne Egros‘s insight: It is true that knowledge … Continue reading

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Coaching For Results In The Global Ecomomy

PRESENTATION: See on www.slideshare.net COACHING FOR RESULTS : HOW TO CREATE A HIGH-PERFORMANCE CORPORATE CULTURE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY In this presentation I have summarized what is needed to implement a  good strategy globally: 1-People and Resources:   Aligned corporate culture with strategy … Continue reading

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Are “Transnationals” The New Global Executives ?

I just read this interesting article about the impact of globalization on education and job market and the rise of the ‘transnationals”.  With globalization, doing business across multiple countries simultaneously is the new normal for global executives who must have international experience … Continue reading

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Why White Men Can’t Lead ?

I have read an article “White Men Can’t Lead (everyone) from the  American Management Association  and I basically agree with the ideas: Today’s leadership models, although they may differ from person to person and method to method, generally have a common bias … Continue reading

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What Skills To Look For Hiring Global Executives ?

The most difficult challenge for an expat executive like a country general manager is to be able to find congruence between various opposite interests in a highly complex environment (see picture above). The expat executive must be able to deal … Continue reading

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7 Secrets Executives Use To Build High Performance Organizations

Because the business and its environment are continually evolving, best practice also has to be adapted to the  times. What matters is the right managerial practice, exploiting the right business drivers to adapt to and shape the conditions facing a business over … Continue reading

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