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Management Tips From Red Hat’s Crazy Culture Every Company Should Steal

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Red Hat is a meritocracy and the CEO says all companies should follow its lead. Top 11 best management and leadership practices from Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst: 1- Replace the word “boss” with the word … Continue reading

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7 Secrets Executives Use To Build High Performance Organizations

Because the business and its environment are continually evolving, best practice also has to be adapted to the  times. What matters is the right managerial practice, exploiting the right business drivers to adapt to and shape the conditions facing a business over … Continue reading

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Developing Global Executives: Failure Is Not An Option

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] How do you define expatriate failure ? What are the main causes ? How do you select your candidates for expatriation ? Do your expatriate  talent going over to the competition? What types of  training and support are the … Continue reading

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Expat Life: Returning Home and the Grief Cycle

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] For every change, positive or negative, people go through various emotional stages. Dr Kubler-Ross described those stages as the “Grief Cycle (On grief and grieving By Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, David Kessler). Those stages are the following:Shock stage: Initial paralysis … Continue reading

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How To Become A Successful Innovator Part II: Set The Stage

[tweetmeme source=”AnneEgros”] In my previous post I talked about why you need to break the rules and un-learn things to be a creative person.  Here, I will share some ideas for discussion on how to foster innovation in organizations. Let … Continue reading

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When to Coach Employees and When Not

Providing training to employees to develop skills and knowledge they need to perform their job is not employee coaching. Coaching is not about giving advices, consulting or giving solutions. Telling employees what to do is not coaching and that is … Continue reading

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Leadership Transition: The First 90 days

Whether a manager is hired by a new company or promoted from within, organizations have high expectations for the first 3 months of the new appointee according to Michael Watkins, author of The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for … Continue reading

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