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5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable

Everyone wants to be happy, but the biggest obstacle to that is the mushy thing inside your skull that you think with. Source: http://www.cracked.com               The brain is designed to put more weight on … Continue reading

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Research on Well-being and Aging: Comparison between U.S. and Japan

We have only begun to look at the evidence, but it appears that different aspects of well-being matter for health in different ways depending on the cultural context where people reside Source: blogs.plos.org   Well-being in the West is formulated … Continue reading

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7 psychological reasons for diet failure

healthHealth Do you keep failing to lose weight? Your mindset might be preventing successful weight loss. Find out how to change this. Source: low-carb-support.com This apply to any kind of change, not only for loosing weight : We all don’t … Continue reading

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The Chemistry of Positive Social Interactions In Leadership

Anne Egros’s insight: Judith and Richard Glaser published an article in HBR on the results of a study that analyzed the hormonal response of positive and negative behaviors in managers. Oxytocin is the hormone we produce when we feel good during a conversation like positive feedback. Cortisol is … Continue reading

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Increasing Stress, Decreasing Empathy: Need Emotional Intelligence

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Research shows stress is increasing: health problems & business costs. Empathy is decreasing to damage collaboration: The case for emotional intelligence Anne Egros‘s insight: Very true ! That is why coaching is an holistic … Continue reading

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Cultural Intelligence is the Art of Understanding Empathy Across Cultures.

I made this blog based on the findings of the original article:  LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT EMPATHY : See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Strong empathy may prevent us from doing the wrong things. Empathy then connects with the divine energy in this person. It is like … Continue reading

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Cultural Map of the World: Using Values To Explain Cross-national Differences

See on Scoop.it – Global Leaders Click here to edit the title Anne Egros‘s insight: The World Values Surveys were designed to provide a comprehensive measurement of all major areas of human concern, from religion to politics to economic and … Continue reading

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